EscapeCraft 2

EscapeCraft 2

Add extra adventure modules to Minecraft

If you wish Minecraft had a bit more structure, then EscapeCraft 2 could be for you. View full description


  • Adds extra an game mode to Minecraft
  • Lots of puzzles and mazes to solve


  • Difficult if you're not an experienced Minecraft player
  • Not that different from EscapeCraft 1


If you wish Minecraft had a bit more structure, then EscapeCraft 2 could be for you.

EscapeCraft 2 is the sequel to EscapeCraft adds yet another extra game mode to Minecraft that gives you a plot and goals to achieve.

Like EscapeCraft, EscapeCraft 2 is a room-escape puzzle game that requires you to decipher clues, solve riddles and exploit the idiosyncratic physics of the classic Minecraft game. In EscapeCraft 2, you have to complete a series of goals in order to complete the game. Throughout your quest, you'll find different rooms in which you have to solve different puzzles and work your way out of mazes. Of course, you need to have Minecraft already installed to use EscapeCraft.

In EscapeCraft 2, there are more than a dozen new rooms-o-puzzles, 2 different endings, 50% less rage-quit, functional respawn, minimal game-ending failure penalties and even more corny videogame-clichés than the original EscapeCraft. Like the original, EscapeCraft 2 preserves all the playability of Minecraft that has made it so popular but also adds new challenges to keep things interesting.

However, its aimed mainly at those that are experienced at playing Minecraft. To complete the game, you must have a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of Minecraft (such as redstone, water, etc). In addition, some of the in-game humor is aimed at Minecraft experts and the later levels are extremely difficult.

EscapeCraft 2 will appeal to all Minecraft fans that want to spice things up a bit.

EscapeCraft 2


EscapeCraft 2